The two-time World Champion on the roads of the Nova Eroica Prosecco Hills alongside the Wega team

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Eroica began in a coffee shop, in the small bar in Gaiole in Chianti where Giancarlo Brocci used to tell the chronicles of the cycling races to the elder people of the town who could no longer read the newspaper.

Cycling and coffee have this in common: they are first and foremost opportunities to meet and share.

This is precisely why the collaboration between Eroica and Wega continues, and after the presentation of the new customised WMini for Eroica, the historic Treviso-based company announces another great new development: the partnership with two-time World Champion (and Olympic Champion) Paolo Bettini.

On May 1st Bettini will be at the start of the Nova Eroica Prosecco Hills, ready to captain the team formed by the Wega staff.
Paolo Bettini’s relationship with heroic roads goes back a long way and has a history that is unique in its own way. 
In 2008 he took part in the second edition of the Monte Paschi Eroica, racing in the rainbow jersey and with the number 1 on his back, and he finished last.

Paolo Bettini has not forgotten that experience, so much so that he has kept that bicycle with the signs of that difficult but memorable day still intact: he wanted to fix the dust of those roads forever, as one fixes the most cherished memories.
The bike will be on display this week at the company’s premises, and then it will be visible to everyone from Saturday at the Wega stand in the Nova Eroica Prosecco Hills village.

“For us at Wega it’s an honour to have a champion like Paolo Bettini on our team, and a great privilege to be able to display the bike he rode in the Eroica in 2008” commented Paolo Nadalet, CEO of Wega. “Paolo and I met years ago at a stage of the Giro d’Italia. Today we’re very happy to announce an association that further strengthens our partnership with L’Eroica, that is, with a way of experiencing cycling made up of tradition and culture, just like coffee.”

“I’m grateful to Wega for inviting me to this wonderful event,” said Paolo Bettini, “as for every rider, the coffee break during a ride with friends or a training session has always been sacred to me; it is a moment of relaxation and sharing that goes perfectly with the pleasure of cycling. Moreover, these roads are very similar to those of my Tuscany, stunning hills that are a paradise for every cycling lover. I can’t wait to ride them together with all the enthusiasts who have registered for the Nova Eroica Prosecco Hills and, why not, stop at the refreshment points with them to enjoy a good coffee together.”

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