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Espresso Italiano Champion: Wega Macchine per Caffè crowns the NorthEast winner

P1000795P1000795The Italian colours of espresso and cappuccino are part of a heritage that needs protecting, which is why the Italian National Espresso Institute – Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano – has codified them with a precise scientific method. Wega Macchine per Caffè has become a spokesperson for this message for the occasion of theTrevisostageof the Espresso Italiano Champion event, which was hosted at company headquarters in Susegana on May 23rd.

EIC was the first edition of a competition for Italian style baristas organized by INEI. It stands out for its particularly rigorous approach: in fact, it’s the only competition with a tasting committee that is oblivious to any influence of the baristas’ name and rank. It was a double source of pride for the winner of the Treviso edition, Emilio Tufano, who has been an INEI taster since 2003: “The passion for coffee, which is written in my Neapolitan roots, has refined itself in time thanks to the 13 years I spent with Wega, during which I acquired important experience that was perfected in trade shows and through networking with professionals and colleagues.”

“Wega, a founding member of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (Italian National Espresso Institute), is proud to be a part of a series of INEI initiatives aimed at safeguarding the heritage of Italian espresso,” comments Paolo Nadalet, CEO for Wega Macchine per Caffè. “EIC is a great opportunity to spread this culture and the Treviso selection was a success thanks in part to the positive atmosphere surrounding the competition. It was particularly gratifying to see the victory by one of our employees, who we believe in and who is the perfect spokesperson of the Wega spirit of tenacity and dedication.”

“We needed a competition in which baristas could compete according to the rules of Italian espresso,” explains area manager Gianluigi Sora, master of ceremonies for the event in his role as Vice President of cda INEI. “Espresso Italiano Champion, which takes place in Italy and abroad, perfectly fills this need and is conceived as a moment for participants to measure themselves against one another and to grow. For this event we used two Sphera machines: naturally, they are certified for the preparation of Espresso Italiano Certificato”.

The finals for the competition will take place next October 3rd in the prestigious setting of the London Royal Automobile Club, where the northeast winner Emilio Tufano will go up against baristas from Italy but also from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. It’s a first class event to promote Made in Italy agriculture and food products and to introduce the world of Italian espresso from a fresh perspective.

For more information: www.espressoitaliano.org


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