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Espresso Italiano Champion: Wega to hold the primary selections on May 7th and the super finals at Host 2015

The search continues for the best barista in Italy with the second edition of the Espresso Italiano Champion contest organized by the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano and their technical partnership with the Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (IIAC). Next October 25th, during the Host trade fair, Wega Macchine per Caffè will have its own stand staging the final competition in this contest for Italian style baristas.

One of the preliminary stages in the competition will take place at the Wega headquarters in Susegana on May 7th. Last year the championships were held at a prestigious event at the Royal Automobile Club in London, where Wega specialist barista Emilio Tufano also competed for the title.

“The 2015 Espresso Italiano Champion series is a competition among baristas that pits opponents primarily against themselves,” Paolo Nadalet, President of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (Inei) and Managing Director for Wega Macchine per Caffè. “Preparing four espressos and four cappuccinos in eleven minutes might seem like part of a barista’s regular routine, but things become a little trickier if first you have to tweak the perfect grind and the clock is ticking.”

This is a double challenge in which contestants will be subject to dual parameters. One aspect will be judged by a technical panel, which will evaluate the baristas’ dexterity and style as they certify the proper preparation of the beverage. The other test will be subject to a sensory panel, which will perform a completely blind taste test, unaware of which participant prepared which coffee beverage.

To express their skills to the utmost, contestants in the Susegana round will be able to count on the reliability of the Polaris, one of Wega’s finest models, in its EPU 2 brewgroup version. According to the rules of the competition, this professional machine is certified for Espresso Italiano Certificato – Certified Italian Espresso, as is all the equipment made available to the baristas, like the coffee grinder and coffee blend.

For more information: www.espressoitaliano.org

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