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Wega presents all the latest at the Sigep in Rimini

IO_DUE GRUPPIFrom January 23rd to the 27th, 2016, Wega Macchine per Caffè S.r.l. will be showcasing their products at the Sigep trade fair in Rimini (stand 008 / hall A1).

The 37th edition of the most important European event celebrating ice cream and home-made pastries will in fact host the Rimini Coffee Expo format, inviting all the major players in the coffee world to attend.

The Wega stand will reserve a place of honour for their My Concept, the completely customizable coffee machine featuring innovative functions, including the option of memorizing different settings and interacting with mobile devices. This machine can practically read minds and grant the wishes of clients at any time. This top model from the Green Line collection is the maximum expression of the Venetian company’s energy savings and technological edge. The My Concept will be on display in its EVD/3 Total Matt Black version.

The IO is the latest product from the Wega brand, and it will be making its first road trip in 2016 after a successful debut at the Host Milano trade fair last October. This machine is distinguished by its fun, young look, featuring an attractive design in vibrant colours that recall a modern, fluorescent version of the Italian flag. The IO is the perfect accessory for small spaces with big personalities. In Rimini this machine can be admired in its EVD/1 version in Bright Orange and the EVD/2 COMPACT in Green (photo attached).

The Polaris EPU/2 is also worth a closer look. This high performing machine comes with a futuristic chassis that features cool LED light displays on the sides. There will be a special version of this machine on display in Rimini. It was made to order, to mark the partnership deal between Wega and the DaBoot acrobatic Motocross Team for EICMA, The World Motorcycling Expo in Milan. Laser incisions and a “Strong&Tough” look make this unique piece a real show stopper.

Another gem from Wega is the Vela Vintage, a machine in a retro style with a lever mechanism for those who appreciate the authentic preparation of espresso, without the help of electronics. It will be on display in the ALE/3 version in chrome.

Wega has always been conscious of energy savings, and the company will be coming to the fair with their smart and environmentally friendly maintenance products from the Optimum Coffee Treatment line. These are the best solutions for cleaning and caring for professional coffee machines and grinder/measurers.

The Sigep will also feature Bestmax Soft water filters, multi-functional systems which have been adopted by Wega to insure maximum protection against mineral deposits and build-up. The absence of particles will keep the machine running smoothly and insure an excellent smooth taste.

Innovative research has come up with a range of cleaning products for Wega’s Greenline range: there are plenty of solutions containing no petroleum products or phosphates that combine respect for the environment with high standard cleaning power. Every ingredient is derived from vegetable or food products and the packaging is 100% recyclable.






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