“The secret to flying a classic airplane is to build one…”

Giancarlo began his career in flight building ultra-lights in the early 60’s. After reading Jonathan Livingston, by Richard Bach, he was convinced that his dream of creating a museum installment featuring famous historic airplanes could one day become his job. This led to the Jonathan Collection. Many airplanes have been built throughout the years, from the fleet’s flagship “tri-motor” Caproni Ca. 3, the Flyer and the Blériot, to the Red Baron’s fighter plane and the Spad that belonged to National hero Francesco Baracca. Giancarlo doesn’t stop at building classic planes; his goal is to make them fly, to feel the same emotions and sensations as the pioneer pilots experienced in their day. For Giancarlo fear is a safety valve, since the flight of an airplane is always something miraculous… because it takes to the sky!