welcome to the green world of wega

Design \

Bean shape, colour, calibre, density …
A coffee’s essence conceals influences of contour and volume, undertones and fine details.
Wega machines transform the engineering genius found in nature into technology, concentrating all the aroma of coffee into a gesture that’s visually perfect.


A completely new design with clean minimalist lines frame an absolutely innovative, high performance and efficient coffee machine.


A retro style and original design are the distinguishing qualities of the Vela Vintage, a coffee machine featuring stylish forms and uncovered drip mechanisms that are a blast from the past. However, behind its old fashioned look hides great practical usability and in just a few seconds you can prepare an excellent quality coffee. The control panels are waterproof and backlit.


Elegant and ergonomic lines distinguish a coffee machine of the highest quality that is also reliable and functional. Here is a technological jewel that underwent significant restyling in 2012. In fact, Sphera has been enhanced with new features for the electronic version, like a vapour wand with lever spouts and an alphanumeric, multifunctional display. Plus, upon request, the work surface can be illuminated and the machine can come equipped with an auto-steamer: a vapour wand that simultaneously heats and foams milk.