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Vela Electronic \

The perfect solution for those looking for an extremely versatile and functional coffee machine. On the cutting edge of technology, featuring an appealing and harmonious design, with a sliding, customizable display, Vela offers a wide range of solutions that can satisfy a variety of needs and easily adapt to any space and surroundings.


Caratteristiche Tecniche

Electronic Coffee Machine

  • Waterproof and backlit touchpads
  • Alfanumeric multifunctional display for the programming of: date, time, daily power on/off, quantification of coffee brewed, water softner regeneration alarm (Tron)
  • Illuminated running display, interfaceble with possibility to write 5 differents personalized messages
  • 6 programmable doses per group, with manual brewing button
  • Programmable dose hot water tap with mixer for balanced temperature
  • Two polished stainless steel steam wands, with ergonomically designed knobs
  • Hot water tap with programmable electronic dosing
  • Electric cup warmer, with electronic temperature control
  • Brewing group with improved thermal efficiency
  • Autolevel and volumetric pump


  • Tron equipment
  • Autosteamer
  • Extra Chrome version
  • Scroll
  • Built-in pump
  • Electric cup warmer kit
  • Cappuccino maker


  • Red RAL 3003
  • Aluminium gray + Brill. 9007
  • Chrome
  • Sand RAL 1035



  • 2 groups
  • 3 groups