Project Description


Nova breaks down the classic aesthetic architectures of coffee machines. Geometrically defined volumes are reassembled to give life to a design with an innovative language, whose shapes are dictated by the functionality of the product. Defragmentation is the key word for a machine with suspended shapes, which leave room for large, ergonomic work areas and a wide range of stylistic customization.
Nova: the beauty of necessity.

A design based on principles of ergonomics and ease of use, improve the user experience and the system’s overall performance, with particular attention paid to theinteractive design of the console.
The collection and orderly arrangement of the various keys on the front of the dispensing units makes accessible for immediate use, and further consolidated by the repetition of gestures as in the use of the principal electronic devices (like smartphones, etc. …). Furthermore, to make the work process even more fluid, each console is positioned on the exact axis with the brewing group unit and with the portafilter holder, facing forward towards the user.